Leodis Grim

The route runs from Kirkstall Abbey and it follows the route of the Kirkstall Abbey Trail event for the first couple of miles and then it breaks away to follow the River Aire along a fantastic clear trail to Apperley Bridge. Apperley Bridge is a small village and it used to boast Hammonds Sauce factory, which is now residential property it also has a Mariana and lots of people live on Canal boats in Apperely. It then leaves the river and climbs up through the woods in Calverley on a wide and steady trail. As you follow the trail in Calverley woods you will see foundations for buildings. These foundations were originally a series of small huts used to house Italian prisoners of war. Later the became a firework factory, the factory blew up in the early 60’s Killing 3 people and injuring 4. The explosion could be seen and heard up to 3 miles away and it must have been quite spectacular. The factory was promptly closed The route then drops through the historic village of Calverley named after the Calverley Family who settled in Calverley in ancient times and remained there several hundred years. Calverley hall is a 14th century Hall is still in existence and is still occupied. The hall was witness to dreadful violence in April 1605, when Walter Calverley murdered two of his sons, William and Walter, in a fit of madness. He was tried in York for murder, but refused to plead and was therefore pressed to death. Because of his refusal, his property could not be seized by the state, and passed to his surviving baby son.[1] The murder inspired the Jacobean play A Yorkshire Tragedy, the authorship of which was attributed to William Shakespeare in the first printed edition (1608) but which is now thought to have been written by Thomas Middleton. And after all that excitement the route goes back to meet the canal again and back to the Abbey.