Pateley Pie ‘n’ Pint

Pateley Bridge is a small market town that nestles within Nidderdale on the River Nidd, its is surrounded by beautiful countryside and glorious scenery. Pateley has the oldest sweetshop in England, the shop was established in 1827 and the name of the shop is surprisingly ‘The Oldest Sweet Shop in England’ so bring your penny jar. The shop is housed in one of the oldest buildings within the town and is in the Guinness World Record Book 2014.
There are lots of other attractions very near to Pateley Bridge, one attraction being Brimham Rocks. Brimham Rocks is an extraordinary rock formation which dates back 300 million years, The rocks are exposed and some of the rocks reach 30 metres high, the rocks have been given names, such has the Sphinx, the camel and the dancing bear. Brimham is a National Trust Property and is a great place for a picnic or to have a clamber.
This event will be different from the other events instead of our normal sweet treats of cakes and buns we will be serving up pies fro a local pie maker both savoury and sweet, which you can enjoy with your usual bottle of ale. There are shops, bars, restaurants and accommodation at Pateley.