Sir Titus Trot 2019

Saltaire got its name from Titus Salt, a successful weaver of beautiful fabrics that were used to make expensive dresses for the ladies of England. Titus moved his woollen mill from the centre of Bradford to just outside the city on the River Aire. This location along the river was important because it gave his mill access to what is now known as the Leeds-Liverpool Canal and to the railway. Along with this mill that was built in the mid-nineteenth century, Salt also built a planned, self-contained community especially for the workers in his new mill.
This hidden gem situated near to Bradford is just gorgeous and perfect to visit after you complete your run with us. The village today has a very Bohemian atmosphere, besides the mill, most of the other buildings in the little village have been transformed in shops, restaurants, and pubs it is interesting to note that Sir Titus was a strong proponent against drinking. One of the more popular pubs in the village today is aptly named “Don’t Tell Titus… we promise not to tell him if you don’t!
‘Cum and run thee little legs off then av thee sen a pint int village’