'The Brexit or Exit Track Challenge '

To lighten the mood (or not) and capture the significant political event of the year we have titled this new event the ‘The Brexit Exit Track Challenge’ how much of you have gone round the debate of should we stay in or should we pull out, that we may not have an answer for but we can provide you with your very own dilemma shall I keep going or shall I stop ?. Can you manage the mental endurance or will I exit before the other participants. This challenge will allow your mind to drift and consider all of life’s dilemmas, with no route to worry about you can simply decide when you want to exit the race, your race, your challenge, your decision.
Medals will be provided for all that run the minimum :-
Half marathon (53 laps -13.17 miles) or Marathon (106 laps 26.34miles)
A Live update will be provided throughout the event of how many laps each participant has completed.
Please note we have limited spaces on this event ( when they are gone they are gone