'Show Me The Way'

How do we get through lockdown ?, how do we keep finding something to smile about ? and how do we keep motivated to lace up the trainers and go out and exercise ?, let us 'Show You The Way'.
Matt Lucas has raised many a smile with his 'Thank You Baked Potato Song' and given we know you all like a laugh, like a cute T Shirt, like a cute medal and of course like to run we though why not bring all of this together in a virtual event.
For this event we ask that you run (or walk) 5 miles, anyone able to do this all together should do so but if you (or your little one) needs to do it in smaller chunks that's totally fine.
The gorgeous T shirts for this are optional and can be added onto your booking. Both medals and T- shirts will be out within 4 weeks.
To add to the fun, Facebook pictures of your r baked potato would be great, these can be faces, delicious meals or anything else you can do with a baked potato.