Running Events

Virtual 'All For One And One For All'

ladies and Gents presenting a united front and some essential monies to the homeless during Covid- 19

'Show Me The Way'

This lovely little event is a must for anyone who needs some motivation and likes a bit of fun. At just 5 miles its something that can be done in one go or for your little ones in smaller chunks,

Virtual Grim TT Challenge

Who needs a motorbike when they have legs, run your very own grim TT challenge.

Virtual Summer Solstice

Enjoy the sun going down on the longest day of the year, with a 5 mile run. Either on your own or in a small group its the perfect way to celebrate summer.

Medal Of The Month- Spring Canal Canter

If the lockdown caused you to miss out of the Spring Canal Canter, here is your chance to grab the cracking medal.

Dynastik, Fantastik, Scholastic, Tracktastic Virtual - give it the runaround!

Run round parks, run round gardens, run round streets, or run round tracks. It doesn't matter which, it doesn't matter how far - just run!

Virtual Yorkshire 2020

A virtual race anywhere in Yorkshire,Run, walk, you can even skip 5 miles, simply pick your place and post your photo, celebrate with Yorkshire Rose medal and bespoke buff

Virtual Grim Jolly Roger

Enjoy another virtual 'fun' race, dress up in black and white and show us your photos

Hornsea Trail Running Festival - 2020

Starting at the seafront, this established race will take you along the Transpennine Trail towards Hull. With good, flat trail paths, all distances and an array of goodies at the finish line, this is an event for all runners.

Blacksheep 3/6 Hour Challenge - 2020

This established event comprises of a 3.35 mile loop around the village of Masham. Runners can complete as many loops as they wish in either the 3hr or 6hr option.

Catch Up 1- Wuthering Heights Wander

On the first of our catch up events, enjoy a lapped trail race through the glorious countryside surrounding Haworth. With mixed-terrain, the 'odd hill' and enough green hills to inspire both writers and runners alike, this is a great event that captures the essence of Its Grim Up North Running.

Catch Up 2- The Canal Canter (Day 1)

A flat, scenic route by the canal, all distances available.

Catch Up 2 -The Canal Canter (Day 2)

A flat, scenic route by the canal, all distances available.

Northern Jumble 2020 (Slaithwaite)

Starting in the lovely town of Slaithwaite enjoy an autumnal out and back run along the narrow Huddersfield Canal. With a reduced price and a choice of 5K, 10K, half marathon,marathon or ultra there is a distance for every ability. On completing the chosen distance receive one of the medals designed for its Grim Up North Running and updated with a Northern Jumble Ribbon.

Catch Up 3 -It's Green Up North

Another opportunity to replace one of your lost races with this new event taking place in one of your favourite places on the Leeds to Liverpool Canal in Saltaire